Come Alive Today!

Are you struggling to find happiness? 
Do you want deep meaningful relationships?
Do you struggle with fear of rejection?
Are you continuously attracting the same negative relationships ?

My name is Roxanne DePalma. I am here to teach you step by step how to attract the relationships you’ve been wanting and have a deep connection with yourself and others to fully come alive.

If you’re interested in mastering Communication, becoming a Consent ninja and increasing your Connections, then you are in the right place. Come on a journey with me down a pleasure rabbit hole that blow your mind.

Here at Play Den we live by HAPPINESS.

H – We believe HAPPINESS is a choice.  
A – We encourage you to come ALIVE in your own unique way.  
P – We are PROUD of who we are, what we do & how we do it.  
P – We provide a PLAYFUL space. 
I – We operate with INTEGRITY.
N – NOs are celebrated and encouraged.
E – EROTICISM is welcome.
S – SAFETY first, we uphold a safe & supportive environment.
S – SEXUALITY, sensuality & kink are celebrated.