Roxanne DePalma is a Sex, Relationship and Kink Educator from San Diego, California. She has been educating the world since 1998. You may recognize her from her from Showtimes hit ‘Polyamory, Married and Dating.’ 

Roxanne creates an environment of safety and permission. Pioneering this way of life she is devoted to the happiness and pleasure for all. You can typically find her teaching pole dance, yoga and open relating classes around the world.

Here at Play Den we live by HAPPINESS.

H – We believe HAPPINESS is a choice.  
A – We encourage you to come ALIVE in your own unique way.  
P – We are PROUD of who we are, what we do & how we do it.  
P – We provide a PLAYFUL space. 
I – We operate with INTEGRITY.
N – NOs are celebrated and encouraged.
E – EROTICISM is welcome.
S – SAFETY first, we uphold a safe & supportive environment.
S – SEXUALITY, sensuality & kink are celebrated.